Write & Publish Your Book in 3o Days

Jumpstart Your Book Writing Journey this July

Are you ready to make big strides on your book project? Whether you're a first-time writer or an experienced author, our 30-Day Book Writing Challenge is designed to help you gain momentum, overcome creative blocks, and make significant progress with clarity and confidence.

What You'll Receive and Experience:

⚡️ Weekly Live Coaching: Join us every Tuesday for 90 minutes of live hot-seat coaching and open Q&A sessions. To accommodate participants worldwide, we offer two call times: 9AM PST and 4PM PST. Can't make a session? No worries—recordings will be available.

⚡️ Unblock Creative Resistance: These sessions are designed to help you overcome resistance, perfectionism, and creative dysregulation. Get valuable feedback and ask specific questions to keep moving forward.

⚡️ Writer Showcase: At the end of the challenge, we'll host a 'Writer Showcase' call to share our progress and celebrate our wins together.

⚡️ Community and Accountability: Access a private community thread to share updates, ask questions, and connect with other participants. Pair up with other writers for additional support, and receive daily check-in prompts or polls to stay on track.

⚡️ Writing Workbook HQ: You'll get access to a comprehensive Notion-based writing workbook to clarify your book topic, title, and subtitle. It includes self-reflective prompts, recommended apps, platforms, editor relationships, designers, and best practices for publishing.

4 Week Journey Begins...

July 2, 2024
11:00am Mountain Time

Led by Kelly Wilde Miller

Author of Creative Dysregulation: Why Your Creativity is Chaotic & What to Do About It, an 86-page creative self-help book that debuted at #3 in Creativity on Amazon and has reached 500+ people within 6 weeks of publishing.

Kelly brings a multi-year background of group facilitation, online teaching and has helped dozens with their creative empowerment and embodiment as a coach, mentor and guide.

Committed to helping creative people transcend inner limitations, she believes that we must all bring forth what is inside of us in order to come fully alive.

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